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The strange carnivalists of Sochos ,Thessaloniki

Every year, the inhabitants of the village called Sochos, in the prefecture of Thessaloniki, celebrate the carnival in a special way. They dress up with a strange outfit, representing a goat, wearing big bells and walking slowly, making these bells ring. The sound of the bell melody echoes across the entire area of Sochos. This […]


Sun Beach Hotel, Agia Triada, Thessaloniki, Greece

For your private getaway or your business trip choose Sun Beach Hotel and add pleasure to your stay. The staff of Sun Beach Hotel looks forward to welcoming you and to offer you the hospitality that combines tradition with a modern environment. Near the sea, not far from the airport and the casino, with an […]


Agia Triada, Thermaikos, Thessaloniki, Greece

Twenty-five kilometers away from the bustling center of Thessaloniki, you will find the village of Agia Triada, a beautiful coastal settlement, busy all year round. Located in a short distance from the airport, it is stretched along a wide sandy beach full of hotels, apartments, coffee bars and beach bars. The beauty of the area, […]


Nei Epivates, Thermaikos, Thessaloniki, Greece!

The village is also known with its old Turkish name of Bakse Tsifliki and is located around twenty kilometers away from the center of Thessaloniki. It is deployed along a large sandy beach, a place full of life, especially in summertime. A lot of accommodation options to choose from, restaurants, beach bars and several cafes […]


Thessaloniki Concert Hall

It stands in a large seaside plot of eighteen acres! It was designed to cover all requirements of a modern conference center that can host a number of different events such as conferences, concerts, cultural exhibitions, theater and opera, dance performances etc. The building was designed by the architect Arata Isozaki. It was built in minimal […]


Thessaloniki port

It is one of the largest commercial ports of Greece and the sea entrance of the city of Thessaloniki. Historians claim that it was founded in 316 BC. In the broaden area you will find an endless variety of restaurants, bars and coffee shops to choose from. Ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα εμπορικά λιμάνια της Ελλάδας, […]


Ladadika, Thessaloniki

One of the most famous neighborhoods downtown the docks of Thessaloniki! It is famous because it is the entertainment district of the city, since many bars come live there all night long! The area is next to the Port of Thessaloniki and will charm you with its narrow traditional streets and its different colorful atmosphere! […]