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Hydrama Grand Hotel, Drama

It’s a brand new five star hotel, worthwhile to visit and experience its hospitality even for just a few days! Setting foot in the reception lobby you will immediately be impressed by the spacious and bright public places, the beautiful view of the Saint Barbara springs and the lavishly acknowledged spirit of luxurious hospitality all […]


The Athenian Callirhoe Exclusive Hotel

If you find yourself in Athens, your choices of accommodation are endless! Each time I happened to be visiting Athens myself, would be looking for ideal new places to try out but the last couple of years, that dilemma is over for me! There’s no other choice ever since I discovered the Athenian Callihoe Exclusive […]


Karvouno villas, Sivota, Thesprotia, Epirus, Greece

It is a complex of private villas in Sivota, in the beach called karvouno. The villas are built right next to the beach, and is a must for anyone who wants luxurious and elegant accommodation! The view is amazing, while in front of the villas a beach bar is open from early in the morning […]


Hotel Almiriki, Lithi, Chios

       A few days ago I happened to visit  the island of Chios for a weekend! For my stay I chose the hotel Almiriki, at Lithi beach. The area is very beautiful with a great sandy beach! Hotel Almiriki is located just next to the beach and I admit that I was pleasantly […]


Taos villa, Chania, Crete

     It was by chance that I stayed at this beautiful villa just outside the city, but it ended to be a great pleasant surprise. The rooms are comfortable, furnished with luxury and stylish decorated. The owner is very friendly with the guests! The space features a kitchen bar and billiards, as well as its […]


Xenion Guest House, Pramanta, Tzoumerka

If you are looking for an alternative getaway, then you will definitely find it in Xenion in Pramanta, Tzoumerka. It is a guest house that does not look like the others, and will remind you how traditional Greek hospitality looks like! Whenever I travel and stay somewhere, I realize that the experience of genuine hospitality is […]


Epirus Palace, Ioannina, Greece

Since 1998,Epirus Palace is renown, as one of the most stylish and elegant five star Hotels in Greece. Epirus Palace is a charming Hotel, located in the historic town of Ioannina. The hotel is a perfect place for both leisure and business trips. It is situated in the heart of the Greek “Alps”, at the crossroad, […]


Sun Beach Hotel, Agia Triada, Thessaloniki, Greece

For your private getaway or your business trip choose Sun Beach Hotel and add pleasure to your stay. The staff of Sun Beach Hotel looks forward to welcoming you and to offer you the hospitality that combines tradition with a modern environment. Near the sea, not far from the airport and the casino, with an […]


Grand Hotel Palace, Thessaloniki, Greece

         Welcome to Grand Hotel Palace, the most integrated convention hotel of Thessaloniki. With its unique design, Grand Hotel Palace harmoniously combines the exceptionally modern facilities with the elegance and luxury of the neoclassical building, creating a unique cosmopolitan athmosphere. The 261 Rooms and 15 halls all equipped with state-of-the-art technology can […]


Secret Paradise Hotel & Spa, Kallikratia, Chalkidiki

         Secret Paradise Hotel & Spa! A family hotel in Halkidiki, next to the sea, close to the center of Kallikratia and with direct access to Airport Makedonia (SKG). Conveniently situated at the western part of the peninsula, Secret Paradise Halkidiki Hotel & Spa has the perfect location for you to explore the […]


Alkyonis hotel, Kallikratia, Chalkidiki

       Alkyonis Halkdiki Hotel is situated in the resort town of N.Kallikratia in the western region of the Peninsula of Kassandra Halkidiki. A spectacular view of the Thermaikos gulf and Mount Olympus complete one of the best views hotels in Halkidiki could offer. Located only 25 km from the airport of Macedonia and […]


Argentikon Luxury Suites, A Hidden Jewel!

On the magnificent island of Chios, Greece, at a superb location, is the 32,000m2 Argentikon Estate built in the 16th century by the Argenti family, and has been designated Historic Monument. Selected among the 100 best villas in the world, the Argentikon is a perfect example of medieval, Genoese architecture in the Levant. Each suite […]


Sivota Diamond Spa Resort, Sivota, Thesprotia

      Ionian’s Diamond, SIVOTA DIAMOND SPA RESORT, welcomes you to the most idyllic vacation you have ever dreamed of. Luxurious facilities, high standard services and experienced staff, offer you a great hospitality over a heavenly beach of Sivota, Bella Vraka Beach. The five star Resort, with its beautiful swimming pools, gourmet restaurants, stunning accommodation, […]


San Marco, Mykonos

San Marco is the perfect illustration of Greek Cycladic architecture, surrounded by beautiful gardens and located across the serene pebble beach, Houlakia. Just a short distance away from Mykonos’ capital town of Chora, and just 15 minutes from the airport, San Marco is definitely the perfect resort for a relaxing getaway. If one wishes to […]


Aleka’s House Pelion Hotel

      Welcome to the fascinating Tsagarada, a village situated at eastern Pelion, on the mountain of the Centaurs. In such a place lies Aleka’s House Pelion Hotel; one of the best hotels in Pelion, combining accommodation in Pelion, in its beautiful rooms with both a cafeteria with a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea […]