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Tina Konstantatou interviews Themis Andreadis

A “nondescript” “STORY TELLER” Tina Konstantatou interviews Themis Andreadis! A friendly chat for 40 years before and 20 after… The motive was his 2 special scheduled reappearances at ZOOM, which became 15 regular appearances on popular demand… Of course! Of course! Let us begin, then, our journey to Greece! Most readers are Greeks living abroad. […]


New videos from Taksidi 2 Greece web tv: Lakis Teazis & Xanthippi Karathanassi

  Taksidi 2 Greece interviews Xanthipi Karathanassi Taksidi 2 Greece interviews Lakis Teazis Part one Part two


Taksidi 2 Greece interviews Xanthippi Karathanassi

  How easy is it for a singer like you, to coexist with all this rabble of the modern Greek hit? Is it ultimately the reason for your long-term abstinence from the musical events? That is a very good question that closes in the entire state of today’s life. How easy is it for yesterday […]


Taksidi 2 Greece interviews Lakis Teazis

  How many years are you dealing with poetry and how did you start? It’s been since my innocence of ten years, that I deal with rhyme -versification- but also with poetry in a more free way, beyond versification. My insignificant was captured ath the age of seventeen in 45 rpm disks. I do not […]


Taksidi 2 Greece interviews Justine Frangoulis-Argyris

  Questions: Maria Athanasopoulou How does writing come of in your life; My life is a constant journey between East and West. I live in Montreal and travel to Greece. Writing is clearly a correctional intervention of the homesickness I strongly feel at foreign land. The incentives come from my memories of my birthday land […]


Stella Fyrogenis, talks to Taksidi 2 Greece about Paros, Cooking and Hospitality!

A Lady from Paros island, Stella Fyrogenis, talks to Taksidi 2 Greece about Paros, Cooking and Hospitality! Questions: Maria Athanasopoulou At first, I want to welcome you to Taksidi 2 Greece e-magazine and thank you for this interview.Tell us a few things about yourself, those you consider more important. I was born and grew up […]


Αn interview with Manolis Mitsias – Μια συνέντευξη του Μανώλη Μητσιά

With great pleasure and honour we present in Taksidi 2 Greece an interview – particularly dedicated to emigrant Greeks – of Manolis Mitsias, a beloved artist, great singer, creator, interpreter and songwriter. Questions by Katerina Magounaki Mr Mitsias, welcome to our … travel! Have certain facts of your childhood influenced your attitude towards life? My […]


Αn interview with Pavlo – Μια συνέντευξη του Pavlo

Pavlo, for me, is one of the most inspired musicians all over the world. The sound of his guitar always travels me in a magic way in deeply blue waters, sunrises and greek sunsets. For one more time I want to thank him very much for accepting to answer to my questions! John Kioutoutskas  Do you […]


Interview about «The book of the hellenic records» – Συνέντευξη για το «Βιβλίο των ελληνικών ρεκόρ»

An interview with Thodoris Kastrinos and Tina Konstantatou, by Katerina Magounaki Tina konstantatou is a psychologist and French professor, and Thodoris Kastrinos is a dentist who also deals with journalistic … activity. I met them, when they came in Thessaloniki for “The book of the hellenic records” presentation at Ianos. I was invited by Vasoula […]