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Tag : Etoloakarnania

Monastery Myrtia, Trichonida, Etoloakarnania

Following the road across the Lake Trichonida and torwards the direction of Agrinio to Thermo, you will find the village called Myrtia. The Monastery of Virgin Mary of Myrtia is located just outside the village. It is an important Byzantine monument counting thousands of years of history and has been the historical and artistic heart of […]


Lake Kastraki, Etoloakarnania

It is an artificial lake near the village of Kastraki at Etoloakarnania. The extent of its surface is 28.000 km. The area is well known for its natural beauty. It is about half an hour ride by car from Agrinio. If you happen to be in the area it is worth a visit ! Τεχνητή […]


Amfilochia – Αμφιλοχία

It is a picturesque coastal town in Etoloakarnania, built amphitheatrically on two hills. Amfilochia is “embraced” by the Amvrakikos bay and is built on the site of the ancient city Limnaia, some ruins of which are preserved to our days! Γραφική παραλιακή κωμόπολη του νομού Αιτωλοακαρνανίας. Χτισμένη αμφιθεατρικά πάνω σε δυο λόφους, η Αμφιλοχία «αγκαλιάζεται» […]


Ancient Thermo, Etoloakarnania

In ancient times, Thermo was the most important center of the area called Aetolia. There, the temple of Apollo Thermios was located measuring 12 meters wide by 38 meters high. A temple of Apollo Thermios, the agora, two smaller temples, plus more findings have been discovered recently in the archaeological site. At Thermo you can also […]


Agrinio – Αγρίνιο

It is the largest city of the prefecture of Etoloakarnania. According to the mythology of the ancient Greeks, the city was built by the King Agrio (Wild). Agrinio is built very close to Acheloos river and the surrounding area has been inhabited since ancient times. Today, Agrinio is a large live city with many beautiful […]


Lake Trichonida, Etoloakarnania, Greece!

It is the largest lake and one of the most important wetlands in Greece! It is located in the region of Etoloakarnania, very close to the city of Agrinio. With an average depth of 29 meters and a maximum of 58 meters, Trichonida impresses visitors! Due to its continuous renewal, the water is very clean […]


Folklore Museum of Paravola, Etoloakarnania

A folklore museum with a wide variety of exhibits, gathered by the meticulous efforts of the “Trichonida” Women’s Club members. Most of the exhibits belong to the past century and the collection is rich in house ware utensils, clothing, fire arms, farming equipment as well as traditional local costumes and many more. The Museum is […]